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Kathryn represents debtors and creditors in consumer and business bankruptcies. She meets with individuals and families to determine whether bankruptcy is right for them given their current financial circumstances and what they anticipate the state of their finances will be in the coming years. If bankruptcy is right for them, she walks consumers through the process of filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. She acts as the debtor's point of contact with their creditors as well as the Nebraska bankruptcy courts.

In addition to her work with debtors, Kathryn routinely advocates for creditors' rights in bankruptcy proceedings. She attends 341 hearings and other bankruptcy court hearings on behalf of her clients. She works with secured debt creditors and helps them recover debts owed by the petitioner by:

  • Placing liens on the borrowers' properties
  • Obtaining prejudgment attachments
  • Obtaining writs of execution or garnishment
  • Taking security interests in the borrowers' properties